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Cool, Calm and Comfortable: Our Tips for Hot Sleepers

Let’s be honest: it can be difficult to get through the day if you haven’t been able to enjoy blissful, rejuvenating beauty rest. If your hot temperature during sleep is preventing you from living your best, it’s time to cool it down a notch. Read on for our best tips for hot sleepers — here’s how to stay cool in bed.

1. Chill the bedroom

At touché, we believe creating a tranquil bedroom sanctuary is the key to feeling refreshed and rejuvenated each morning. A cooler sleep temperature begins with the room you’re spending time in — here’s how you can create a temperature-regulated bedroom.

Adjust the Temperature

For those of us with air conditioning in our bedroom, the easiest way to manage hot sleep is by setting the room temperature lower than usual. Experts suggest the ideal temperature for your sleeping environment is 18 degrees Celsius or 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the absence of air con, cracking a window and adding fans for airflow can work wonders for cooling your body during sleep.

Block Light During the Day

Set your bedroom up for success by blocking light from entering the room during the day, particularly during hot summers. Close the blinds and draw the curtains to prevent the sunlight from heating your bedroom throughout the day. Consider adding thicker curtains to your bedroom windows to further reduce the sun’s heating of your room.

Turn Off Electronics

It may come as a surprise, but all electronics emit a low level of heat. When combined, the heat created by TVs, computers, and other devices can warm your room enough for your body’s delicate system to notice. Consider shutting off all electronics before crawling into bed for some shut-eye — as a bonus, you’ll be creating a calmer, gentler sleeping environment, without any screens to distract your mind.

2. Balance the body

To keep cool on the outside, it’s essential to balance what is happening on the inside. Stay well hydrated throughout the day for easier temperature regulation at night. Aim to drink water slowly and continuously, rather than all at once before sleep.

In addition, try not to work out or get active right before bed, as doing so can raise your body temperature and make it more challenging to self-regulate throughout the night.

3. Cool the bed

If you’re a consistently hot sleeper, it’s time to take a look at the bed you’re sleeping in. Are you cradled in cotton, bound by heavy blankets, and sinking into the depths of sweat? If so, you can regulate your nighttime temperature by switching to breathable, cool bedding — it will be your most relaxing investment to date.

Temperature Regulating Sheets

Leave the hot, heavy cotton in the past, and switch to breathable bedding, such as linen, bamboo or eucalyptus vegan silk. These fabrics prevent the build up of sweat and body heat by wicking away moisture, alongside the use of spacious weaving that encourages ventilation. TENCEL™ Lyocell fabric is particularly effective for cooling the body during sleep.

We recommend our Eucalyptus Vegan Silk Sheet Set, made with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres for a luxuriously cool temperature that lasts all night long.

Cool, Breathable Pillowcase

It’s all in the details, and a cool pillowcase will have a positive effect on your nighttime temperature. Pair your breathable bed sheets with a temperature regulating pillowcase, often made from the same fabric as your cooling, moisture-wicking bed sheets.

Touché Vegan Silk Pillowcases are made from the same vegan silk fabric as our eucalyptus sheets — keeping your head and neck cool, comfortable, and free from friction on the skin.

4. Sleepwear suggestions

It matters what we wear — and while we know this to be true during the day, our wardrobe plays a major part in our sleep comfort, too.

Keep it Light

Don’t weigh yourself down in heavy fabrics and lengthy clothes. To allow your body to breathe, sweat, and regulate your temperature effectively, wear light and breezy sleepwear. Choose short sleeves over long, and stay away from full-length PJ pants. We recommend bamboo or eucalyptus vegan silk sleepwear for a lightweight, breathable feel.

Tie your Hair, Gently

When your hair falls victim to the night sweats, it will contribute to the overall ickfeeling that accompanies sleeping hot — plus, being wrapped in your luscious locks can make your sleeping temperature rise. To combat this effect, tie your hair up and away from your face and back. To prevent friction and pulling on the hair, we recommend using a soft, hair-friendly tie, like our gentle vegan silk scrunchies.

Wear a Soft Sleep Mask

The funny thing about sleeping hot is that you only feel hot when you’re awake. If you can reduce distractions and stay asleep all night long, you can also say goodbye to waking up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night.

Wearing a sleep mask is an effective way to reduce distractions and avoid interruptions, ensuring your beauty sleep is long-lasting and peaceful. We recommend our luxuriously soft Vegan Silk Eye Mask, as it is breathable, cooling, and light-blocking for deeper sleep.

Heatwave Hacks

Touché was born in hot, sunny Australia, which inspired the creation of our cool, breathable bedding— because we know how warm this beautiful country can get. We’ve been through a scorcher or two, so below are our top tips for staying cool in bed in the summer, even during a never-ending heatwave.

Sheets Only

Tuck away your doona, duvet, blanket or quilt. In the midst of a heatwave, you’ll want to go sheets-only. In this case, it’s essential that your sheet is cool, comfortable, and luxuriously soft, because you still want to feel like you’re sinking into cloud nine. We recommend our cooling eucalyptus sheets for comfortable soft bedtime luxury, even without the warm blanket.

Freeze Your Pillowcase

It sounds crazy, but it works. Strip your pillowcase from your pillow, and keep it cool in the freezer all day long. When it’s time to get into bed, the chill of your pillowcase will keep your head and neck cold, lowering the temperature of your body as a whole.

The Power of a Cold Shower

From one extreme to the other, braving the chill of a cold shower before bed can effectively lower your body temperature long enough to fall asleep comfortably and peacefully.

When in Doubt, Strip

When the heat gets too much, there’s nothing wrong with stripping it back to the sleepwear essentials: a luxuriously soft eye mask, and nothing else.

Shop For a Cool Bedroom

The touché bedroom is a calming, invigorating environment for skin, hair, and soul. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary for rejuvenating rest, and breathable bedding plays a vital role.

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