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Linen or Eucalyptus: Which is Best for Bedtime?

Linen and eucalyptus are both popular choices for luxurious, breathable bedding, each vastly outweighing classic cotton in terms of environmental impact and natural cooling properties.

While linen has been a go-to choice for many years, eucalyptus lyocell has been on a recent rise to cult favourite status, quickly becoming a top choice as consumers discover the beauty-boosting benefits of the silky, sustainable fabric.

touché vegan silk sheets are made from certified TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres, sourced from renewable eucalyptus trees. This material can be referred to as ‘eucalyptus bedding’ or ‘eucalyptus lyocell sheets’ — or in touché terms, vegan silk — each given name denoting the nearly endless benefits that add up to create this innovative fabric.

With two popular choices for luxury bedding on the market, it can be hard to decide which to choose: laid-back linen or elegant eucalyptus? Read on for our best tips on choosing between eucalyptus or linen sheets.

Comfort and Feel

When you unbox your new linen bedding, it may feel a bit ‘scruffy’ rather than soft, though its fibres may soften over time (and, typically, with each wash). Linen is notably rougher than other fabrics like silk and eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus bedding is known for being luxuriously soft, with a silky finish that feels smooth to the touch. Lying between dreamy eucalyptus sheets feels elegant and blissful, boasting a sleek texture that is comparable to silk.

Aesthetic and Texture

Linen sheets often appear in a classic ruffled look, with a laid-back crumple that creates a bohemian feel. This relaxed, cozy look appears as linen becomes easily wrinkled, which is part of the appeal to many. Whether or not you enjoy this look will depend on your personal preference.

Eucalyptus lyocell sheets look sleek and luxurious. The silky smooth texture and shiny finish create an elegant atmosphere, particularly when paired with a beautiful colour palette. The high quality of the sheets shines through the room.

Temperature Regulation

Linen does not feel cool to the touch, though it does feel light and thin across the body. These properties make it naturally cooling and breathable, ideal for those who tend to sleep hot (PS: if that’s you, here are our best tips for hot sleepers!).

Eucalyptus lyocell takes these benefits one step further, with a natural moisture-wicking ability that keeps sheets clean, dry and cool. As sweat is wicked from your body, you experience more comfortable sleep, especially when paired with the light breathability of eucalyptus. With cooling eucalyptus sheets, you can expect to feel fresh and dry through the night.

Beauty Benefits

Most linen sheets are moisture-wicking in a similar way to eucalyptus, which prevents bacteria from gaining the opportunity to build up. While this is common in many linen fabrics, the buyer must beware: there is a very expansive range of linen blends and linen varieties on the market, each with their own benefits and capabilities. The buyer must research each unique linen bedding option to ensure it offers these important antibacterial properties.

Eucalyptus is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, so all TENCEL™  lyocell eucalyptus sheets are guaranteed to benefit from these properties. This antibacterial ability reduces the presence of allergens, mould, and dust mites, and prevents bacteria growth that can lead to breakouts.

The soft, luxe finish of eucalyptus bedding reduces creasing in the skin, helping to prevent the development of fine lines over time, while the sleek, smooth finish reduces pulling and breakage on hair. This is particularly beneficial when you pair eucalyptus sheets with a eucalyptus pillowcase, as it can reduce pulling and creasing on hair, skin and body simultaneously.

Washing and Care

Linen requires a fair bit of consideration when laundering. While you must stay away from hot water to avoid shrinking, you may also wish to launder the fabric more often to create softness. Linen is easily wrinkled, so it must be hung to dry as soon as it has been cleaned.

Eucalyptus lyocell bedding is far easier to maintain than linen, naturally maintaining its luxe sheen throughout washes — plus, with each wash, eucalyptus silk becomes softer and more luxurious. touché eucalyptus silk care instructions are as follows:

  • As eucalyptus is naturally antibacterial, wash our vegan silk sheets every one to two weeks.
  • Wash separately in cold water on a gentle cycle.
  • Use mild detergent.
  • Line dry is preferred, or tumble dry on low heat, low tumble.
  • Avoid drying under direct sunlight.

Environmental impact

Linen, in its production process, is more environmentally friendly than cotton. However, linen can only be considered truly sustainable if it is made from 100% flax linen, in which case it is entirely biodegradable and lasts longer than other varieties. This differs from other linen varieties or linen blends, so the buyer must do their research to ensure they are choosing a sustainable linen fabric.

TENCEL™ Eucalyptus Lyocell is crafted through a zero-waste, closed-loop process without the use of harsh chemicals or solvents. This manufacturing technology has a low environmental impact, requiring only a small amount of water in its production, using materials sourced from renewable eucalyptus trees.

This extends the lifecycle of our resources while eliminating environmental waste — and it means you can create a luxurious, elegant home without any harm to the planet.


Premium linen fabrics are naturally strong and durable. However, it is essential to be aware of linen-blend fabrics that take the place of pure linen, as these fabric blends may not be as durable or strong.

TENCEL™ eucalyptus lyocell is a high-quality fabric designed to be durable. It is built to last, and gets softer with each wash, making a long-term investment you’ll love for years to come. Be sure to look for TENCEL™ certification as a badge of quality and durability.

Price Point

Linen sheets are often considered a luxury, but with a huge range of varieties and blends on the market, it’s easy to find an option that suits your budget. Linen/cotton blends are often cheaper than pure linen, while the most sustainable option of 100% flax linen can be more expensive.

Eucalyptus lyocell bedding is an investment, but a worthwhile one, as eucalyptus sheets will benefit your body, mind, and beauty rest for years to come. There is less variety on the market than linen; we recommend searching for TENCEL™ lyocell certification to ensure you are purchasing high quality products for the price.

With touché eucalyptus silk bedding, you can create a blissful bedroom sanctuary that gets cosier and more luxuriously soft with time.

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