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Why a touché pillowcase has become one of the must-have products of 2022

Touché vegan silk pillowcases have been hailed as a game-changer by beauty gurus worldwide.These eucalyptus fabric cases have only been on the market for less than a year, but they're already received 100's of rave reviews from verified 5-star reviewers!

No matter what position you sleep in, you spend on average 8 hours each night with your hair or face pressed up against a pillow. Turns out all that friction can cause creases that turn into wrinkles over time, not to mention bedhead that'll take longer to style in the morning. Thankfully, our eucalyptus silk pillowcases exist to give you the beauty sleep of your dreams.

Vegan silk pillowcases create a smooth surface for your hair and skin to glide over, and with less friction there will be less creases on your skin and less frizz in your hair. Eucalyptus also has inherent cooling capabilities and feels so luxurious to lie on. 

When it comes to bedhead and wrinkles, yes! Studies show that friction from tossing and turning causes creases in the skin, but dermatologists say that a smooth surface can reduce this effect in the long run. Similarly, with less friction on your hair, you're less likely to wake with frizz and tangles. 

If you're wondering the difference between eucalyptus and cotton, Eucalyptus is highly breathable – so no night sweats, whereas cotton is highly sweat inducing- it’s not you, it’s the sheets. Eucalyptus pillowcases are moisture wicking, which means they stay fresher for longer, whereas cotton is moisture absorbing - you should probably go change your sheets right now!

Our customers claim that they “might be tempted to never take them off their bed, because they are so soft and feel amazing, while also making their hair and skin look perfect when they wake up”.

See the Top 6 reasons why You need a to
uché pillowcase;

1. Luxuriously Soft & Silky Pillowcases

Touché pillowcases are silky soft and cool to the touch. Our fabric is 2x softer and 3x more breathable than cotton. They are also more breathable than cotton and softer than linen. You might be tempted to never take them off your bed, but our pillowcases and sheets are designed to get softer after every wash. 

2. So Many Added Benefits 

Because of the eucalyptus fabric used to make a touché pillowcase and sheets, the way that it’s made, it gives you healthier untangled hair, hydrated clearer skin, deeper sleep, and it’s hypoallergenic, perfect for people with gentle skin.

3. High Quality and Long Lasting

We use only the highest quality TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres which make an excellent choice for those looking to make their homes more eco-friendly! Our high quality fabric will last your whole lifetime when cared for properly - so it really is an investment in sleep wellness that pays off both now and down the line.

4. Perfect Pillowcase For Hair and Skin

Our eucalyptus silk pillowcases and sheets naturally absorb and wick away moisture 70% better than cotton, keeping your skin feeling cool and dry all night long. Our pillowcases and sheets are designed to minimise night sweats and prevent breakouts. 

 5. They Don't Slide Off 

touché has created a hidden zipper system for our pillowcases. The pillowcases don’t fall off and the zipper stays hidden and out of the way. Once again, making it a better night’s sleep!

6. Great For The Environment & 100% Vegan

Unlike water and land hungry cotton, our eucalyptus fibres are ecologically sound. Our eucalyptus is grown in Europe using 10x less water than cotton. The trees are not harvested from forests, but instead sustainable farms that grow the eucalyptus trees themselves. For every tree cut down, more trees are planted to replace it. This takes the burden off the forests entirely. To dye our sheets, we only use a handful of natural ingredients. Meaning no bleach, no toxins or harsh chemicals here! Just pure eucalyptus! Unlike our silk counterparts, our pillowcase are 100% vegan too!

It’s easy to see why the touché pillowcase has become one of the must-have products of 2022!