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Why Eucalyptus Silk is So Good for Your Skin

How much do you love your silk pillowcases? They feel so good! One of the softest materials on the planet, silk is known for being glossy and feathery. For thousands of years, silk has been prized and harvested for clothes and bedding, and that’s just naming a handful of its uses.

But what if we told you, for all its versatility and benefits, there is a dark side to your favourite luxury fabric?

You’d think after thousands of years, there’d be more technologically advanced ways of acquiring silk. But today, the go-to method of gleaning silk is sadly still killing the silkworms that work so hard to produce it.

To further drive the inhumanity home, silkworms aren’t even given a chance to hatch out of their cocoons. Why? Simple. Because it destroys the silk thread.

So, to harvest it in time, silkworms are either boiled or gassed alive with hot steam.

That’s it. That was enough to send us on a hunt for a vegan alternative to silk pillowcases.

We came across stuff like faux silk pillowcases, which were okay but didn’t quite hit the mark. So we decided to create the solution ourselves. Regular silk has:

  • an expensive price tag
  • is delicate and high-maintenance
  • raises lots of environmental & ethical concerns

Our goal? Create a product that addresses not one, but all these concerns.

Introducing touché’s eucalyptus silk (lyocell), with all the benefits of regular silk, and none of its consequences. Let’s have a look at all the benefits touché’s signature vegan eucalyptus silk has on your skin.

Anti-Aging - Bye Bye wrinkles

Sick of waking up to fabric creases on your face? We definitely are. When you’re young, your skin still has enough elasticity to help the creases disappear quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, over time some of that elasticity goes away. And those temporary creases from your non-silk pillowcases begin to create some lasting wrinkles. Which is why you need silk to nip the problem in the bud.

Our vegan silk pillowcases minimise the amount of friction that happens when you toss and turn in your sleep - reducing your chances of developing wrinkles significantly!

Anti-Bacterial - Rid Yourself of Breakouts

Stop that next breakout before it even starts. Naturally anti-bacterial, touché pillowcases suppress bacteria growth before they can come close to clogging your pores.

Lyocell fabrics absorb moisture brilliantly, leaving less moisture on the surface of your pillowcase, and no room for bacteria and those other icky impurities to grow (which is what causes those pesky breakouts).

Eucalyptus also boasts natural anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness and swelling. We made our vegan silk pillowcases perfect for handling those acne flare-ups!

Highly Breathable & Moisture-Wicking

Don’t you just hate waking up in the middle of the night to a warm pillow? Or worse, sweat making hair stick to your neck? We’re getting stuffy just thinking about it.

We made sure to develop a fabric that traps less heat, allowing for more airflow and less sweat. That’s just one of the benefits of eucalyptus silk - you’ll always be resting your head on a cool pillowcase at night.

But, what happens if you still sweat because it’s just way too hot?

The problem with cotton-blend fabrics is it absorbs all the sweat (which can be horrible for your skin). Whereas our eucalyptus silk cases will make sure the sweat evaporates almost instantly - keeping you cool and your skin protected.

Not to mention - our vegan silk pillowcases are also made to retain the moisture and natural oils in your skin, helping you stay hydrated while you sleep. Rest better knowing your expensive face cream will stay put!


So you’ve got sensitive skin. And the slightest of things can set off a flare-up. Which is why you’re always cautious about trying new products for your skin. We get it!

Gentle on skin and hypoallergenic, touché’s vegan silk was made to help with allergies.

Eucalyptus silk is naturally antimicrobial and anti-fungal, eliminating any nasty mould and bacteria growth. The built-in anti-inflammatory properties of eucalyptus silk can also relieve skin conditions like seborrheic dermatitis and eczema, reducing all telltale redness and swelling.

Trust us - if you have sensitive skin, you want to be laying your head down on a fabric designed to be gentle on your skin.

Whew! That was a whole lot of benefits all at once! Where the disadvantages of silk pillowcases may never end, vegan eucalyptus silk is the exact opposite! With a never-ending list of benefits. 

At touché, we offer only the best - jam-packed with everything your skin, hair and body needs. Are you excited to get your hands on this amazing fabric?