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Care Guide: How to Wash Eucalyptus Bedding

The touché signature fabric — with the luxuriously soft, cloud-nine feel you know and love — is made from TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres spun into beautiful vegan silk. These fibres grow on eucalyptus trees which are gently, sustainably harvested without any harm to the earth or environment. Below is our product care guide, including tips on how to wash eucalyptus bedding.

What Does Eucalyptus Lyocell Mean?

We refer to our luxurious fabric as eucalyptus vegan silk.

You may hear this fabric, and others similar, referred to as eucalyptus lyocell, which relates to the production process. To create our eucalyptus lyocell bedding, wood pulp is treated in a closed-loop system, meaning 99% percent of the water and solvent used in production is recovered and reused. Learn more about touché’s sustainable production here.

The signature touché fabric falls into many categories:

  • Vegan silk
  • Eucalyptus vegan silk
  • Eucalyptus lyocell
  • TENCEL™ Lyocell

TENCEL™ refers to a trusted, sustainable manufacturer of lyocell fibres. This is the highest quality eucalyptus lyocell available on the market, meaning the best eucalyptus bedding you can get. When buying lyocell products, it is important to look for the TENCEL™ certification as a badge of high quality and sustainable production. These fibres are also known for their natural softness and comfort.

TENCEL™ lyocell is made from eucalyptus wood, the result being our beautiful vegan silk — crafted into vegan silk pillowcases, vegan silk sheets, and much more.

When to Wash Eucalyptus Lyocell Bedding

Our signature eucalyptus vegan silk is extremely durable, designed to become softer and more beautiful with each wash. A bed made with touché eucalyptus bedding will become more comfortable over time, so don’t fear the laundering process.

As eucalyptus is naturally antibacterial, we recommend that you wash our vegan silk bedding every 1 to 2 weeks. If you have loving four-legged friends that like to hop in bed for a snuggle, we recommend washing more frequently.

Unlike many types of bedding that are made with toxic solvents and chemicals, it is not necessary to wash your touché products before use. We only use safe, non-toxic chemicals in the production of our fabric, and we avoid using catalytic agents that create strong odour. However, this is up to your preference.

Your touché vegan silk will arrive, and remain, unscented. The production process utilises the wood pulp from the eucalyptus, and does not leave oil remnants from the leaves. This ensures a non-irritating, hypoallergenic finish.

We also recommend having at least two sets of eucalyptus sheets and pillowcases on hand. This can reduce time spent washing, caring for and drying your bedding, as you alternate through clean sheets on a weekly or biweekly basis.

How to Wash Eucalyptus Bedding

Eucalyptus vegan silk is beautifully low maintenance, durable, and washing machine friendly — unlike traditional silk, which often requires hand washing with delicate detergents. touché vegan silk bedding naturally maintains its luxe sheen throughout washes.

Below is our guide on how to wash eucalyptus bedding:

    • Wash your bedding in cold water on a gentle cycle. Always use cold water, as it is better for the fabric than hot. Look for a Cold, Delicate, or Gentle setting.
    • If you opt for hand washing, use cool water and mild detergent, ensuring not to wring the fabric.
    • Use a mild detergent (preferably biodegradable, such as a eucalyptus-based detergent) to avoid damage and wear to the fabric.
    • Do not use bleach, as bleach is too harsh for the soft eucalyptus fabric. Check to make sure your detergent does not contain bleach.
    • Wash separate from other laundry to avoid damage that can be caused by collisions with zippers, buttons, and more.
    • Fabric softener is not necessary, as touché vegan silk becomes softer with each wash.
    • To remove stains, immediately douse the area in cold water, then hand wash or machine wash on a gentle cycle. Do not allow the stain to set with time.
    • Enjoy the low maintenance, long lasting durability of eucalyptus bedding.

How to Dry Eucalyptus Bedding

We recommend you allow your eucalyptus vegan silk bedding to dry naturally, as this preserves the strength of the fibres, and maintains the beautiful colour of your touché bedding.

Line drying is preferred, though it is important to avoid drying under direct sunlight. If needed, tumble dry your eucalyptus bedding on low heat.

Should You Iron Eucalyptus Bedding?

Eucalyptus vegan silk is naturally wrinkle resistant and luxuriously soft. If the occasional wrinkle does appear, we recommend using a steamer to gently smooth your eucalyptus bedding. If needed, iron your eucalyptus bedding on low heat, as high heat may damage the fabric.

To prevent wrinkling, remove bedding from the dryer or line as soon as they are dry.

Storing Your Bedding

The most important factor for storage is to keep eucalyptus bedding away from sunlight at all times, as this can cause the colour of the fabric to fade — an issue that becomes even more detrimental when it occurs unevenly.

Store bedding away from moisture. Storing in the bathroom is not recommended, as activity such as warm showers can introduce moisture to the air.

To keep dust and daily build up away from your bedding, we recommend storing in a bag, box, or protective case. Gently fold and tuck away to keep bedding clean and ready for use. Make sure your items are clean and dry before storing.

Benefits of Eucalyptus Bedding

Eucalyptus vegan silk is a sustainable, eco-conscious replacement for traditional silk. With the same sheen and luxe finish as silk made from silkworms, our vegan silk is spun from the fibres of eucalyptus pulp, sustainably sourced from renewable forests — meaning no harm to creatures or the planet.

  • Beauty Boosting:The antibacterial properties of eucalyptus prevents bacteria growth that can lead to breakouts. The smooth, luxe finish of touché eucalyptus bedding reduces creasing in the skin during sleep, helping to prevent the development of wrinkles over time.

  • Hypoallergenic:Touché bedding is naturally hypoallergenic and hygienic, as the eucalyptus fibres are resistant to build up of mould, bacteria and dust mites.

  • Breathable and Cool:Cooling eucalyptus bedding is breathable and moisture-wicking, promoting airflow as you sleep. This built-in temperature regulation helps you stay cool through the night. Eucalyptus fabric is known as making the best sheets for Australian weather.

  • Sustainable and Earth Friendly:touché eucalyptus vegan silk is crafted through a zero-waste, closed-loop process, without the use of harsh chemicals or solvents. This manufacturing process has a low environmental impact, requiring only a small amount of water in its production, and using materials sourced from renewable eucalyptus trees.

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