Experience Cool Nights with Eucalyptus Bedding: A Revolutionary Solution for Hot Sleepers

Discover the game-changing Eucalyptus Bedding that will redefine your sleep experience. This innovative product ensures you stay cool throughout the night, mitigating the discomfort of overheating. In just one night, experience the refreshing coolness and unparalleled comfort that will make you feel as though you've just woken up from the most tranquil sleep of your life. Say goodbye to restless, warm nights and embrace the cool tranquility of our exceptional Eucalyptus Bedding.

In the pursuit of the perfect night's sleep, one essential element was being overlooked...


Michelle, the founder of Touché, was a hot sleeper who was constantly battling with insomnia. The combination resulted in countless restless nights. Then, during one particularly hot, sleepless night, she noticed a pattern - the hotter her bedding, the more disrupted her sleep became. Could it be that her overheated bedding was not only exacerbating her insomnia but was also the primary cause?


This revelation sent her down a new path. After exhaustive research and numerous trials, she discovered something revolutionary - the unparalleled cooling properties of eucalyptus bedding. This wasn't just a personal breakthrough; it introduced a new, effective solution for countless other hot sleepers who, like her, were struggling with sleep discomfort due to overheating and exacerbated insomnia.


Today, her groundbreaking discovery has redefined the sleep experience for thousands worldwide.


As Michelle sought advice to address her struggles with hot sleeping, she discovered that she wasn't alone. Many others she spoke with had also wrestled with hot sleeping and the insomnia it often caused. They had tried countless remedies, routines, and various types of bedding, but the results were invariably disappointing.


It seemed that the current market solutions were lacking in effectiveness. This wasn't just about finding cooler bedding, but rather about finding a solution that consistently offered a cool, comfortable sleeping environment night after night, while also being kind to the skin and the environment.


In her quest for a solution, Michelle discovered the power of TENCEL™ Lyocell, a sustainable fabric derived from eucalyptus trees. Recognising the potential of this naturally cooling material, she curated the bedding collection. This innovative selection of bedding promised to shake up the sleep industry, offering a genuinely cooler, more comfortable night's sleep for hot sleepers.


Touché eucalyptus bedding unites the benefits of temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking TENCEL™ Lyocell Zero with the natural cooling capabilities of eucalyptus fibres into one sleep-enhancing powerhouse. This superior blend, including the finest quality lyocell available in the market, promises you a refreshing sleep. In fact, TENCEL™ sheets are 3x more breathable and wick moisture 70% better than cotton. Within one night, Touché eucalyptus bedding reduces overheating, promotes a comfortable sleep environment, and fights against the disruptions of night sweats and hot flashes.


Eucalyptus - Nature's Secret To A Good Night's Rest

Eucalyptus TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres are renowned for their exceptional cooling properties and luxurious feel. These fibres are engineered to regulate temperature and manage moisture, drawing away sweat and creating a pleasantly cool sleeping environment. They are also naturally soft and smooth, reducing friction against the skin and providing a comfortable, gentle touch, ideal for sensitive skin types.


What truly sets these fibres apart is their inherent breathability, being three times more breathable than cotton, ensuring a fresh and comfortable sleep experience. Eucalyptus TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres also excel in moisture management, wicking away moisture 70% more effectively than cotton, minimising dampness and enhancing the overall sleep quality.


Sustainable and eco-friendly, these fibres are derived from responsibly sourced eucalyptus trees using a closed-loop process that recycles water and solvents. This contributes to a healthier planet, as well as a healthier sleep.


Eucalyptus TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres are the optimal choice for those seeking a cooler, more comfortable, and more sustainable bedding solution.


Customers love our bedding so much...

It's sold out 5 x in a row!


When Michelle first launched Touché's eucalyptus bedding, the expectation was hopeful yet measured. Now, it's clear the product has resonated deeply. Thousands of customers across more than 40 countries have embraced Touché, making the switch for a cooler, more restful night's sleep. It's a testament to the truly transformative power of our eucalyptus bedding.

Why Touché Stands Apart in Bedding Excellence

Comparing fabrics side by side, Touché Eucalyptus Bedding outperforms in every crucial category. The choice has never been clearer.

Is Touché Eucalyptus Bedding Really Worth the Investment?

We understand your hesitation. The bedding market is crowded with various options, and many of them claim to offer the best sleep experience. Moreover, there's no denying that Touché sits at a higher price point. But, there's something crucial to consider: all Lyocell products are not created equal.


We use only 100% certified TENCEL™ Lyocell Zero, the gold standard in Lyocell products, a material known for its outstanding cooling and moisture-wicking properties, superior to anything else on the market. And here's why our customers believe it's worth every penny:


  • Quality Over Cost: While Touché comes with a premium price, it should be seen as a long-term investment towards quality sleep and overall well-being. The cost, divided over the nights of incredible comfort and rest, turns out to be minimal.

  • Transparency and Trust: We aren't making empty promises. We have thousands of genuine 5-star reviews backing our claims. We believe in transparency and quality, and that's evident in every aspect of our product.

  • Durability: Our bedding is not just about softness; it's designed to last. This isn't a purchase you'll regret in a year.

  • Ease of Care: Despite its premium nature, we've ensured that our product is easy to care for.


Still skeptical? That's fair. And we welcome your scrutiny. That's why we offer a 60-night sleep trial for you to experience the Touché difference firsthand. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll take it back. No questions asked.


So go ahead, do your research, ask around, and then give Touché a try. We're confident you won't look back.


"Touché Eucalyptus bedding has completely changed my sleep game. No more night sweats, just cool, comfortable sleep. Highly recommended!"

- Camille R.


"I've always been a hot sleeper, but Touché has been a game-changer. I now wake up feeling refreshed, not drenched. It's an investment worth every penny!"

- Danielle G.


"Touché has nailed it with their Eucalyptus bedding. It's genuinely cooling and incredibly comfortable. My sleep quality has skyrocketed!"

  • - Marsha L.



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Real People, Real Results

People of all ages and sleeping habits are reporting transformative, cooler nights of sleep with Touché Eucalyptus Bedding:

Scarlett found unparalleled comfort in the softness of the sheets:


"I love it! They are the most comfortable and soft sheets I’ve ever slept on".

- Scarlett M.

Khim was amazed at how well the sheets regulated temperature:


"Feel so smooth and cool in the tropics. Love this and will be looking to get another set".


- Khim M.

Loved By People Around the World

People of all ages and from various climates are reporting remarkable improvements in their sleep quality.


Get It While You Still Can

Our latest batch of the highly sought-after Touché Eucalyptus Bedding has just arrived, and its reputation for improving sleep wellness is growing rapidly. As a small business, we believe in the art of crafting high-quality products, which means we produce in small, meticulously managed batches.


Due to rising demand, our stock is depleting quickly. Touché bedding, renowned for its luxurious feel and exceptional quality, utilises the finest TENCEL™ Lyocell Zero. This material is derived from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees, harvested in the serene landscapes of Austria.


With demand increasing and limited stock available, there's no better time to invest in your sleep wellness. Make the shift towards cooler, rejuvenating sleep and experience the unmatched comfort of Touché today!