Here at touché we are all about looking and feeling our best.. but not at the expense of our planet. We are committed to living an eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle, but the pillowcases we were sleeping on every night didn't reflect that.

We already knew that silk pillowcases had amazing benefits such as improving your skin and hair, but we didn't feel right supporting the product knowing the environmental costs it takes to produce it.

So, we designed an alternative..

After doing some research we found there is a cruelty-free, eco-friendly alternative to silk made from 100% organic eucalyptus from the wood of sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees. This innovative fabric, deemed vegan silk, looks and feels like silk but the production doesn't harm any animals or our planet.

Using this eucalyptus fabric we have created a vegan silk alternative so you can get all of the amazing health and beauty benefits while you sleep, and still look after our planet.

We believe choosing cruelty free, eco-friendly products shouldn't mean compromising on luxury, that's why we're reinventing sustainable, luxury bedding.