At touché, we believe in creating a luxurious, elegant home — but not at the expense of the planet.

That was our guiding philosophy as we set out to reinvent luxury bedding.

Silk offers a renowned skin, beauty and health boost, but its harmful environmental impact cannot be ignored — so we set out to scour the globe for a premium fabric that boasts the same beauty-boosting properties as regular silk.

After an extensive search, we found our match made in heaven: TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres spun into beautiful vegan silk. And the rest is history.

With this innovative silk fabric on our side, we began bringing our dreams of sustainable, cloud-like luxury to the bedroom. Our signature range features vegan silk sheets and vegan silk pillowcases in a selection of luxe tones, along with a bedding bundle to create the perfect pair.

The touché bedroom is a calming, invigorating environment for skin, hair, and soul. It speaks to a sustainable lifestyle using vegan, renewable silk. It emanates elegance and serenity all at once, creating a calming living space to be admired and enjoyed.

The touché brand stands for eco-friendly luxury, creating blissful moments of beauty sleep as you melt into soft, sustainable sheets. That’s our version of a dream come true.

Our Sustainable Fabric

Imagine silk that grows on eucalyptus trees, ready for a gentle, sustainable harvest without any harm to the earth or environment. That’s touché vegan silk.


Our signature vegan silk is spun from TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres, sustainably harvested from eucalyptus trees. The wood pulp is treated in a closed-loop system, wherein ninety-nine percent of the water and solvent used in production is recovered and reused, again and again. This extends the lifecycle of our resources and eliminates environmental waste.


touché vegan silk comes from eucalyptus farms around the world, grown in certified Oeko-Tex forests, meaning it exceeds global fabric safety standards. Our eucalyptus forests are entirely organic and sustainably farmed, using fibres grown by photosynthesis, sourced from renewable wood.


The eucalyptus fibre used to create our beautiful vegan silk is considerably more eco-friendly than cotton and bamboo, as it is naturally biodegradable, becoming one with nature when no longer in use. At touché, we value a sustainable lifestyle, and we vow to always provide the best in ethical, earth-friendly luxury.