Skin Friendly
Breathable + Cool

touché bedding is breathable and moisture-wicking, promoting airflow and keeping you cool as you sleep.


touché vegan silk is naturally hypoallergenic, as the fibres are resistant to mould, bacteria and dust mites.

Hair Friendly
Beauty Boosting

Antibacterial eucalyptus prevents bacteria growth, while the smooth, silky fabric reduces creasing on skin and pulling on hair.

Vegan & Cruelty Free
Vegan, Cruelty-Free Silk

touché vegan silk is spun from the fibres of eucalyptus pulp, sustainably sourced from renewable forests.

Durable & Luxuriously Soft
Durable & Luxuriously Soft

With beauty sleep between luxuriously soft vegan silk sheets, you’ll wake up on cloud nine every AM.

Sustainable & Eco Friendly
Sustainable + Renewable

touché vegan silk is crafted through a zero-waste, closed-loop process, using materials sourced from renewable eucalyptus trees.

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